As an International Photographer, Dany enjoys capturing aspects of ordinary objects and the natural world. He has grown up in a multi-cultural society, where he has much appreciated the enrichment of diversity both culturally and linguistically, as he not only speak English, but also French language. He has great organisation skills, plus a natural persistence. He will not rest until he has taken care of his task. He is a well-travelled man with a broad worldview and considered himself a world citizen. He is well-known to take on responsibility, a Perfectionist,  trustworthy and keep honouring he’s commitment to the cause, even when it is no longer relevant by staying positive. Special places and people have always been in the centre of his artistic work. His ambition for photography started since he was young, and is still an important part of his life, his attention to detail makes being professionally photographed a relaxing and enjoyable experience. He has worked with some famous names in the Business. He specialises primarily in Portraits, Corporate Headshots, Studios, Creations, Events, Fashion and Wedding photography. Dany is always on the move and a happy person.