54.Julie H(non-registered)
Merci de ta visite a la Reunion. Mes photos sont super magnifique et Tu es Pro. Tu m'as beaucoup apris et de ton Soutien a Miss Réunion . Des gros bisous a toi, reviens vite.... JH
53.Helene J(non-registered)
Dany... You made me believe in Art. I don't know what I will do without your effort and encouragements. Sometimes I got upset but with your directions and trust... you made it clear about who we are and what can become...... I love all your hard work and memorable pictures.... a great professional and handsome man. <3
52.Jessia M(non-registered)
HI Dany... I'm privileged to chose your services. Talented, artistic, natural in every way. 2017 will be a Great year and being thankful to your honesty, pride, professionalism, I hope that many more will recognise your devotion for Art as you are always positive in what you do. Thank you is NOT enough for having changing my life and positive thinking in everyway...

God bless you
xxxxxxxxxx Jess <3
51.La fourmi sucrée
49.Sarah B(non-registered)
One word to describe you:


Dany, you truly are a natural human being I came across. I'm glad to have listened to your advices and expertise. You are the most comfortable photographer I know and I will experience more photo sessions with you soon! Love my photossssss! X
48.Princess B(non-registered)
Being a beginner in a photoshoot session. Dany; it was exciting as you supported me to take a huge step forward. You have been incredible. You showed enormous courage and strength in tough conditions at time when many would have just wanted to curl up. I'm happy, proud about your Talent, coaching and crazy imagination that turned a simple direction into a modelling career. Top Professional !
Dany, what I liked about your photography and photo shoots is; you keep your shots natural as possible, real and everything magical. Your knowledge has inspired me to discover Nude Art and you made it like poetry. You asked me to exposed like darkness, you transformed lights into music and produced the impossible creativity...A great Artist to trust with lots of humor and open mind..
46.Jason & Amber(non-registered)
Dany your theme " Lose Control " has completely changed our opinions about pictures versus Art Nude- Your savoir faire and approach represents your business and I WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOUR SERVISES !

45.Vanessa Z(non-registered)
Dany, WOW... your website is excellent, clear and not too mention Art at its best. I'm new to modelling and thank you for sharing your experience and making me feel comfortable with our photo session. Your directions and team work absolutely awesome !!!!

44.Victoria R(non-registered)
Thank you for the special service provided. I was new into this style of shooting...which you made me feel very comfortable... Awesome prints and amazing quality.

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