You surely made me feel relaxed as an anxious person. My first experience with you, was wonderful and cheerful. Thanks for the tips and advice about posing and making me more confident. Your style, concepts and originality is truly your art work. I had great fun. The pictures are sensational, sexy and provocative. Tx heaps.... J
Elena M(non-registered)
Fantastic shooting with you. I have never loved my body, with your experience for sure you have make me comfortable and incrreeedibbblle photoshoot. EM
Sasha B(non-registered)
Dany, thank you for the amazing service you provided throughout the year. What a professional and artist you are..... details are very important to you; that makes every of your pictures successful...... can’t wait for 2018 another blissful creative direction from you......

SB !
Alison M(non-registered)
All future models; If you haven’t yet experienced the freedom and fun of nude art creation, you are in for a wonderful and liberating with Dany’s experience. It can be a getaway from the pressures of daily life. Dany makes this day so relaxed and you will discover a lot about yourself and how to take direction, as a result of the healthy trend toward accepting ourselves for who we are and feeling comfortable with our bodies.
Absolutely everything is possible when you free your mind from clothing ! So happy to have chosen you Dany ! Thank you for the set ! Sexy pictures!
It's very rare I leave a feedback but you exceeded my expectations Dany!!!!!!! "Absolutely wonderful photographer and a very special person ! He is a pleasure to work with and I give him my highest recommendation!! I'm looking very forward to when we have an opportunity to work together again!".... Jane .M xxxxx
Dany what an eventful day it was.... soaked. Despite the rain you continued work hard to achieve the darkest shot I wanted. Thank you for everything as words are not enough to describe you and your expertise in art, fine art and all you have done. Your prints are above and beyond. Jx
Vanessa z(non-registered)
Great website an incredible pictures. Dany you have showed me some hidden talent that we both turned into amazing art work. With your experience you showed me that layers of clothing are truly a boring facade to hide our body from society. Despite I wanted to do only portraits, I believed in you and you delivered trust and shared the truth about art nude photography. I was struggling in life, you kept your focus, you told me to live in a natural and free way. You gave me back my smile and my dignity, you told me to take 1 day at a time..... as a beginner model, you were awesome and inspiring to other aspiring models to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance. Xxxx VZ
Julie H(non-registered)
Merci de ta visite a la Reunion. Mes photos sont super magnifique et Tu es Pro. Tu m'as beaucoup apris et de ton Soutien a Miss Réunion . Des gros bisous a toi, reviens vite.... JH
Helene J(non-registered)
Dany... You made me believe in Art. I don't know what I will do without your effort and encouragements. Sometimes I got upset but with your directions and trust... you made it clear about who we are and what can become...... I love all your hard work and memorable pictures.... a great professional and handsome man. <3
Jessia M(non-registered)
HI Dany... I'm privileged to chose your services. Talented, artistic, natural in every way. 2017 will be a Great year and being thankful to your honesty, pride, professionalism, I hope that many more will recognise your devotion for Art as you are always positive in what you do. Thank you is NOT enough for having changing my life and positive thinking in everyway...

God bless you
xxxxxxxxxx Jess <3
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